sbx 5k


SBX 5K is a Multiplayer PVP turn-based strategy sci-fi arena shooter. Players fight in 1vs1 matches that test their reflexes and wits. Player fight 4 to 7 rounds of FPS action in a small modular map, in between these rounds they make strategic decisions that change the configuration of the map. They can place walls to give cover or imprison opponents, they can extend the map or place props to give them an advantage. A global leaderboard keeps the score and victories are broadcast to the game's discord channel.

Come play

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Obliterate your enemies

Prove that you have what it takes to make it on an intergalactic level

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Challenge your friends

Compete with your friends and assert your dominance

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Plan your strategy

Observe the map from above and prepare a strategy for your next round

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Play 7 rounds of electric fun

Play best of 7 matches and prove that you can overcome any challenge

Available on Steam